About Ritm OKB ZAO

RITM OKB ZAO was created in May 1980, after creating the first device incorporating SCENAR technology, developed by Dr. Alexander Karasev. The key focus of RITM OKB was the development of health systems and devices for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, systems and psycho-physiological conditions.

RITM OKB ZAO, is the originator and patent holder of the SCENAR Technology. The authors are Vladislav Zakharevich, Alexander Nechushkin, Alexander Karasev, Alexander Revenko and Alexander Kibirev, each of the five authors had 20% without any priority.

In the 1990’s the first certificate of authorship, the first patent, the first testing of devices at the leading research instates of the USSAR, the first approval for the Ministry of Health of the USSR was received to RITM OKB ZAO for the manufacturing of medical equipment.

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