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Contra-indications. Situations where one should not use RitmSCENAR® devices

• If you, or the person you are treating has a pacemaker or electrically controlled implant
• Serious heart conditions
• Arial fibrillation (rapid heartbeat)
• Arrhythmia
• Tumours
• Pregnancy
• Illegal Drug Dependants
• Under the influence of alcohol.

SCENAR Stories

One moment I was in absolute agony, having injured the base of my back. I could hardly get in or out of the car and it was really painful. But 5 minutes treatment with the SCENAR I was back on court playing again, much to the amazement of everyone around me. I just could not believe it. Absolutely extraordinary – don’t ask me how it works, but I would use SCENAR every time!

Mike Read DJ, TV Presenter

I have actually had SCENAR device used on me. My arm was Paralysed due to an accident involving a comealong. The other arm was also badly damaged.

It took a year of weekly sessions, but I now have full use of both my arms. I highly recommend this form of treatment. I should know, I am typing this message with both arms fully healed. Something I never thought I would be able to do.

Kathy Kay

I had muscular back pain from over exercising at the gym and i have had the pain continually for 3 days. As soon as you touched me with the magic wand it healed. It’s really gone, in just a couple of minutes.

Piotr Kamil, 28
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What can RitmSCENAR® treat?

RitmSCENAR® is a therapy that uses go way beyond treating pain. Major progress has been seen with stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, fatigue, infertility, skin tone, aging, allergies and well as treating a myriad of acute and chronic conditions. In Russia and other European countries, RitmSCENAR® therapy is used routinely in Hospitals and Doctor’s practices in almost every area of medicine, including problems with the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculo-skeletal, urinary, immune, endocrine, and reproductive systems.

RitmSCENAR® is effective with virtually all types of pain including:
Acute Injuries: Fractures, tears, burns, strains, sprains and post-operative wounds.
Digestive & Hormonal: irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, endometriosis, menstrual pain.
Neurological: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD),migraines, myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), and fibromyalgia.

Is the RitmSCENAR® like a TENS machine?

No. RitmSCENAR® works at a level well beyond TENS, ultrasound and short-pulse electrotherapy. One of the inventors of SCENAR, Pr. Alexander Karasev invented the TENS machine. He wanted to go beyond just temporarily blocking pain (which TENS machines do, for instance in childbirth). TENS uses a very simple signal which the body soon adapts to. It does nothing to affect the underlying reasons for the pain. So the pain returns when the TENS machine is not in use, and its effects decline over time.

The RitmSCENAR® device is far more sophisticated: with every response it receives from the body (through skin impedance), it sends out a different signal. Combined with the various modes and treatment protocols used in RitmSCENAR® therapy, this makes it impossible for the body to adapt and slip back. During a course of RitmSCENAR® treatments, the effects are cumulative, going to the root of the problem and producing deep, long lasting relief.

How safe is the RitmSCENAR® device?

RitmSCENAR® is very safe. It is both harmless and painless. The technology behind RitmSCENAR® is one of the best-researched and well-documented of all therapies and is suitable for people of all ages. RitmSCENAR® treatment feels, and is, safe and gentle.

All that RitmSCENAR® does, in a very sophisticated way, is communicate with your body, using impulses that mimic the signals already running through your nervous system. Unlike many other pain treatments, it’s gentle, non-invasive, non-damaging, and non- addictive and unlike some other methods, where the body’s natural pain response is blocked or manipulated, RitmSCENAR® works in an equal partnership between the body, the RitmSCENAR® device and the therapist.

While the RitmSCENAR® therapist uses his or her skills and knowledge to choose settings, techniques and treatment areas, the RitmSCENAR®’s signals are constantly modified by the body’s responses. In effect, the body itself is as much in charge of the process as the therapist and the device. We regularly learn new techniques, but RitmSCENAR® is not an experimental therapy: in Russia it was approved for widespread clinical trials in 1983. After rigorous testing on thousands of patients (there are over 50,000 documented case histories from RitmSCENAR®’s earliest years in Russia alone) in Russian clinics and hospitals, it was approved for general medical use in 1993.

It has become a primary, mainstream medical tool there, used by thousands of practitioners to treat almost the entire range of medical conditions. After more than 20 years of daily use there and around 15 years in the West, there are no reports of unwanted side effects. Occasionally there is an initial 24-48 hour healing reaction (see below) but even this is a positive sign that the condition’s dynamic is changing. Children and the elderly can be treated, and animals usually love it.

Can everyone be treated?

Yes, even children. The one universal exclusion is those fitted with cardiac pacemakers and other electrically-controlled implants. It has proven to be safe to use in the presence of almost every other condition. So, despite its emergency use in Russia with cardiac arrest and strokes, the Western world therapist avoids directly treating heart conditions like rapid and irregular heart beat. Similarly with undiagnosed pain and tumour. It is in theory safe to use with pregnant women but again, it is avoided, although RitmSCENAR® is highly recommended post-partum for re-conditioning the back and abdomen in the weeks or months after giving birth. Also caution is exercised when treating those with alcohol or drug dependencies, or with serious psychological disturbances, who would be difficult to monitor and require more specialist assistance.

Are there any side effects with RitmSCENAR®?

RitmSCENAR®’s best known side effects are the “Three S’s” – better Sleep, better Skin, and less Stress. This can make a great contribution to general health as excess stress has such negative effects on our relationships and on many body functions. Insufficient sleep contributes to hypertension, heart disease, impaired mental function and obesity and our skin is affected by both stress and sleep. RitmSCENAR® helps to shift the body towards the parasympathetic (stress relief, “sleep and heal”) nervous system, while releasing floods of neuropeptides which include substances for sleep control, depression, skin circulation and elimination of wastes and toxins.

Can I combine RitmSCENAR® with other natural therapies like acupuncture?

Acupuncture, reflexology, osteopathy, chiropractic and RitmSCENAR® treatment share various principles, but use very different delivery mechanisms and processes. Combining them in the same treatment period may lead to information overload or confusion in the body. A scatter-gun approach will prevent you from knowing which therapy is working best and often seems to lead to conditions lasting longer and becoming more chronic.

It’s better to try one method, intensively and uninterrupted, for four to six treatments and see what progress is evident. If you’re not satisfied, then try another. There are many other natural therapies that RitmSCENAR® works well with, and which will not cause such confusion since their treatment goals are different (homeopathy, nutrienergetics (NES), essential oils, lymph drainage, colonic irrigation, and dietary changes). But again, it would be best to stagger the start of them (especially something as systemic as homeopathy), so as to know which therapy is having which effect.

What is the "Healing Crisis"?

The Healing Crisis occurs when an area of the body that has been ignored for many years is suddenly over stimulated and the body tries to eliminate toxins faster than it can dispose of them. This may result in low energy and a sense of being unwell. This is a temporary reaction that typically can last from a few hours up to 3 days. Such reactions can start immediately after a treatment or take place days or weeks after treatment has started. Though a healing crisis is a very unpleasant experience it is actually a good sign and an indication that the body is awakening and starting to ‘clean out all the garbage’ so to speak.. It is also known as the Herxheimer Reaction or Detox reaction.

What happens if a healing crisis occurs (I understand that this is normal and a good sign) but the symptoms become too severe - Should the treatment be stopped until symptoms are reduced?

You should not stop treatment with RitmSCENAR®. You can continue treatment like before the crisis and the acute symptoms will be eliminated soon. During the healing crisis our body can recover sooner and more effectively.

Will I experience a healing reaction with RitmSCENAR®?

As with most therapies, an initial reaction happens occasionally, especially with long term chronic conditions. For a day or two this may leave you with a lack of energy and feeling as if you have a cold. It arises when old problems and toxins are coming to the surface for elimination and especially if the body is doing this too rapidly. If it happens, this phase passes quickly and is usually followed by increased energy, more refreshing sleep and an improved sense of well being. Drinking plenty of water is important before and after treatments and during courses of treatment (1.5 to 2 litres per day) so as to eliminate whatever toxins are released.

What about my conventional medical treatment?

RitmSCENAR® does a great job of locating areas to treat, but it is no substitute for seeing your General Practitioner (GP) (if only to rule out other causes of pain). If you are receiving medication, it is recommended that your doctor knows that you are having RitmSCENAR® treatment. As your therapy progresses, you may be able to reduce or even stop taking some medication, and this should be done under the supervision of your doctor.

How long do RitmSCENAR® effects last?

This varies, but RitmSCENAR® effects are particularly long lasting, both in the hours after treatment and on a long-term basis. Some acute cases may be resolved after one course of treatments and never need further treatment. Some chronic conditions may resolve permanently, while others need occasional or regular follow-up treatment (but usually much less often and with much faster results than before).

In university research trials in Australia, it was found to have given broad pain management with chronic conditions, reduced and rehabilitated disabilities and it also helped restore physical, mental and emotional health. All the positive effects were sustained for the entire follow up period of 6 months after the end of the treatments. [Chronic Neck Pain/Dysfunction Study of the Effects of ENAR, Macquarie University, 2004.

Is it worth it?

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your health. Ask those who’ve used RitmSCENAR® to regain their lives and taken back the control over their health. Once we start to put a price on our health we begin to affect the quality of our life. Ask yourself, “What is more important, money or health?” The answer will reflect your priorities. In resolving conditions that threaten your quality of life and sometimes family finances, RitmSCENAR® is seen as excellent value. After treating people who’ve spent large sums of money trying various other routes, sometimes for relatively little gain, we often hear the words, “I wish I’d known about this years ago.”

Does the body adapt to the wave forms with repeated use?

No, the body will never get habituated to the wave forms, even if you use the device for a very long time without breaks. In serious cases the longer you act upon the patient with the device, the better. So if you are trying to eliminate or abate a severe condition, you can use the device as long as needed and the body will not adapt to the signal.

How to use the device on the head with hair - is there a need for patients to shave their head to receive the best RitmSCENAR® treatment on the head?

Shaving the head is not necessary as there is an hair attachment that can be used to work through hair.

Can I take a RitmSCENAR® device abroad?

Yes, they pass airport security and are not damaged.

Can RitmSCENAR® be applied to animals?

Yes it can! RitmSCENAR® devices are successfully used by professional vets, though our models were initially intended for use on people. Long hair is not a problem. You may just need to moisten the hair in some cases and the electrodes of the device will have a good contact with skin. You will not have to shave your patients. For a very long hair you can also use physiologic saline or special gels used for muscle electrostimulators, which will help having a better conductivity. There is also a hair attachment which can be used.