Customise your equipment set to suit you with a wide range of accessories that allow you to apply different patterns of treatment, work more easily on different areas of the body and to carry out specialised protocols.

There is a wide variety of remote electrodes for SCENAR devices on the market. We are offering you the ones that we ourselves use the most and find the most valuable.

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Benefits & Features

Double Cosmetic Electrodes

It is intended to stimulate skin surface for cosmetic needs.

Y-Type Electrode (‘Snail’)

Cosmetic Y-type Electrode with small balls on the ends. Suitable for small muscles stimulation.

Double Electrodes (‘Pencils’)

To stimulate small skin surface areas, with ‘complex relief‘.

Paravertebral Electrodes

It is intended to treat cervical osteochondrosis, to stimulate ‘three pathways’.

Comb Electrode

Designed for the treatment for hairy parts of the body. And also used to treat animals.

Face Electrode

For small areas of the skin surface. It is also useful in the treatment of children.

Breast Electrodes

Designed for breast lifting, PMS, breast fibroids. (2 electrodes in a package)

Glove Electrodes

It combines the advantages of Scenar-therapy and manual therapy, ideal for massage.